Coefficient - open source project based collaboration platform

version 0.9.6 01 July 2005

Requirement Notes:

  • at least j2sdk-1.4.1
  • JBoss-3.2.x or jakarta-tomcat-4.1.x OR jakarta-tomcat-5.0.x
  • coefficient-0.9.6 installed and configured to run see jboss install instructions or tomcat install instructions.
  • james-2.2.0 we will refer to this location as {JAMES_HOME}
  • dithaka-base-0.7.tar.gz installed on James. See Dithaka for installation instructions
  • dithaka-james-0.7.tar.gz installed on James. See Dithaka for installation instructions
  • jamesMailForumResources-0.9.6.tar.gz. This file contains coefficient-mailForum4james.jar which have classes from Coefficient that will be needed.

Deploy Notes:

  1. The system has been tested and written to run under the james-2.2.0 mail server.
  2. Extract the contents of the jamesMailForumResources-0.9.6.tar.gz . From now forward this document will refer to the location of the extracted files as {RESOURCES_HOME}.
  3. Copy {RESOURCES_HOME}/coefficient-mailForum4james.jar to {JAMES_HOME}/lib .
  4. Extract the james.sar file in {JAMES_HOME}/apps to {JAMES_HOME}/lib when using version 0.9.5-2 or later
  5. Setup your database and include the JDBC jar in the {JAMES_HOME}/lib directory so James can see it in its classpath.
  6. You must Make sure that your is setup to reference the database that you setup in the last step. A sample can be found in the root directory of this installation. Five properties must be changed:






    The other properties can stay unchanged.
  7. Once your file is correct you must make a jar file that contains the file. To make a jar do:

    'jar cvf hibernateProperties.jar'

    You must then place the jar file you created into the {JAMES_HOME}/lib directory.
  8. The next thing you must do is setup the config.xml file for James.

    NOTE: James only creates some files and directories during the first time it run. Therefore you should startup James (as a priveledged user since it runs on a port below 1000) to see the directory structures we are talking about in the next statements.

    You must change one configuration setting in the {RESOURCE_HOME}/config.xml file. Find the gateway property, there is text that reads, {YOUR_GATEWAY_GOES_HERE}. Replace this text with your networks gateway. Modify the gatewayPort if yours is not port 25. Next copy the {RESOURCE_HOME}/config.xml to {JAMES_HOME}/apps/james/SAR-INF/config.xml, this file has some coefficient specific mailet and matchers.

    NOTE: There are configurations for James that are outside the scope of coefficient and the mail forum module that you may wish to set. Please see the James documentation for details.
  9. Start james and within coefficient, as an administrator, go to the 'Configuration Administration' and set the 'MAIL_SMTP_HOST' property to the value of the server that James is running on, click save.
  10. You should be done. Experiment with creating lists in the web interface and when you add messages those users that are subscribed should get email versions of the message.
  11. Enjoy!