Supported Platforms

Application Servers

Tested With:

Coefficient has been designed and tested using JBoss-3.2.6, but we have gone throught great pains to use no JBoss specific libraries or extensions. The xdoclet tags in the generated bean source files are all ejb tags, not JBoss tags. Therefore it should be possible to get coefficient running in an alternate application server. This is a TODO on our list and we would love to have someone accomplish this. The one JBoss, hard-coding configuration element we know of is the deployment descriptor for the statistics queue.

Web Application Servers

Tested With:

Coefficient has been run and tested on jakarta-tomcat-4.1.18 and jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28. The web application version of coefficient offers all the features of the ejb version except for hot-deployable modules, all the modules are deployed together. You must also tweek tomcat so that it uses our version of the xerces.jar so that castor can digest the workflow XML. Don't forget to include your jdbc driver jar in the common/lib directory.


Tested With:
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • NOTE: coefficient-0.9.5 has had a significant schema change and apparently oracle does not support the length of our new table names. We have not run a regression test against oracle for 0.9.5.Oracle

At the moment the core and all modules exclusivly use Hibernate as its persistence engine. Although this is not required to be an element of the system we will continue to insist that any persistence mechanisms support at least the full set of all databases supported by Hibernate. See the hibernate website for which databases they support.

Presentation Engines

Tested With:

At the moment the core and all modules exclusivly use Velocity as the presentation mechanism. This is not a requirement. As long as you can get a string to set into the page a module can use any mechanism it wishes. At some point in the future we will i18n the system and at that time we may impose restrictions that relate to i18n resources.