Modules and Themes in coefficient exist as Stateless Session Beans when deployed in an application server and as POJO's when deployed as a web application. When deployed in an application servet these can be deployed in separate .ear files as long as they are deployed after the core .ear has been deployed. This allows a site to only include the modules they need and to augment the site without having to re-deploy it.


Coefficients functionality is driven by modules. Some modules, such as the project module are core to the system. Others augment the behavior of the system. Documentation on core modules includes:

Coefficient current deploys with the following add-on modules:

Each of these modules are available in separate CVS modules. The CVSROOT is the same as the core, /cvsroot/coefficient, but the CVS module name is that of the coefficient module. (ex. Task is task)


Coefficient deploys with two core themes. The Default Theme and the Printer Theme. The Printer Theme is used to display content without any surrounding prettyness (content that will be printed). It is also very easy to specify your own theme (see Themes Howto). These are the currently are available themes:

  • Plain White Theme (cvs module plainWhiteTheme)
  • DGroups Default Theme (cvs module dgroupsDefaultTheme)
  • DGroups Jalbiradari Theme (cvs module dgroupsJalbiradariTheme)
  • DGroups One World Theme (cvs module dgroupsOneWorldTheme)
  • Open School Theme
  • Old Open School Theme

The Open School themes are encluded in the deployment of the OpenSchool Project which can also be found on sourceforge.