Release History

0.9.6 2005-07-01Minor release. There is some new mailForum functionality and some small fixes related to the startup.
0.9.5-1 2004-12-08Minor bug fix release.
0.9.5 2004-11-12Major release. Included a complete revamp of the look and feel, some new modules, validation, more flexiblity with the project module, some under-the-cover changes that will allow remoting to work correctly, and much more.
0.9.1 2004-01-01Minor release with minimal improvements. There was never a binary release for these changes.
0.9 2003-12-04Major release adding new module approach, now supports tomcat deployment, JBoss deployment and some small fixes
0.8.1 2003-10-24Minor release adding new module and some small fixes
0.8 2003-09-26Initial release

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Release 0.9.6 - 2005-07-01

add added the new Dithaka-Base functionality to the MailForum module. This includes: the new mailForumSettings, the new Aliasing of e-mail addresses, new pages to capture the mailForum settings, some new headings, etc. pvzyl
add added functionality to move from an old version of the MailForum module to a new one. This solution runs automatically when the module is deployed and is not dependant on sql scripts. It uses Hibernate. pvzyl
add added the new Coefficient event system tfogwill

Release 0.9.5-1 - 2004-12-08

add added a data porting script for postgres that moves 0.9 data to the 0.9.5 format tfogwill
update upgraded to patched hibernate 2.1.7 detkin
fix fixed bug, users unable to confirm accounts detkin
fix fixed bug, project versions and components needed validation detkin
fix fixed bug, project description and name edit needed validation detkin
fix fixed bug, added confirmation to project version and component deletions detkin
fix fixed bug, removed edit and delete links on the root folder for categories detkin
fix fixed bug, cleaned up th e error message for username already in existence detkin
fix fixed bug, creation of empty file holder when an upload is created with no file detkin
fix fixed bug, permission checks were removed on file uploads, they are back now detkin
fix fixed bug, could not delete file uploads, FK violation, now fixed detkin
fix fixed bug, cleaned up some dgroups stuff detkin

Release 0.9.5 - 2004-11-12

add look and feel changes to all modules including some usability flow changes. Also cleaned up the default navigation menu. detkin
add added field level validation to all input fields in coefficient, this way we will not spit db exceptions to the user, instead they will have meaningfull messages. detkin
add added a Global Project Admin facility to give greater control over what elements in projects are displayed. detkin
add added an isPublic flag to projects. If not public then the public can not view the project, instead clicking on the link will ask them if they want to request to join the project. detkin
add made the display name "Project" configurable, you can now change this and get a different flavor to the idea of a project (calling it a "group" for example). detkin
add completed facility to delete projects lbutgereit
add added facility so themes can be assigned to projects lbutgereit
add added facility so that a site user can ask to join and leave a project lbutgereit
add added a myData module and facility. There is a method named displayUsersData to the base module, if a module wants to display content it holds for a user then it does so in this method. detkin
add added a hardURLConverter servlet. This allows any module to register a hardURLHandler into a chain of responsibility. If the module understands the URL then it can translate it into a URL coefficient understands. This will allow human readable bookmarks of projects, discussions, fileuploads, etc... detkin
add added new "Most Recent Projects" module, this is an orphan module for now so it will only show up when asked for. detkin
add added new "Most Recent File Upload" module that displays the most recently added uploaded files that are world readable, this is an orphan module for now so it will only show up when asked for. detkin
add added a new module, mailForum, that is a discussion forum and mailing list in one. richardwatson
add added a new GenericDownloadServlet that allows any registered module to provide the file to download. detkin
add created a global velocity macro for displaying projects and changed all the modules to use this macro. detkin
add added facility in themes to accept a module position of NULL and module will not be displayed. lbutgereit
add completed theme documentation lbutgereit
add completed the deletion of tasks and votes facility lbutgereit
add created a statisticsDisplay module that uses jfreeChart to generate graphs of the statistics collected by the system. Added a downloads stat to the projectStats. detkin
add added a level of abstraction the to the reporting of statistics so and added an implementation so that statistics now work with the webapp deploy. detkin
update complete re-write of the issue tracker html, flow, and images. detkin
update modified the Constants to extend the new BaseConfigurationBackedConstants object. This is so that we can easily offer a database backed Constants class for any one who wants to use it. This is also used by the new ProjectConstants class. detkin
update changed coefficient to use a new jar'ed version of the HibernateUtil. This version eliminates the need to do any hibernate session management. NOTE: this change means that a hibernate session spans the length of, your transaction if runnig as EJB, or your request if running as a webapp. detkin
update moved the fileUpload module out of the core and into its own cvs module detkin
update reworked all modules in the system so the default behavior is to return the CoefficientContext instead of void. Also reworked all the remote calls so that if they are sending around the context that they set their reference to the return value. This is so that we can still use the context to setValues into but when we are passing by value (remote invokes) we will not loose our data. detkin
update added a method to the CoefficientContext, clearModulesContent, which will return t he modules content string to the caller and not render the content when the page gets rendered. This is to allow modules to easily embed another modules content within its own, it only need invoke the module and then clear its content, capturing the returning string and render that where it wishes. detkin
fix reworked the CoefficientContext so that it will be safe to serialize the object. This is needed so that when we send it across a wire via a remote call it can be property transmitted. detkin
fix changed the structure of the statistics so that we can update them without makeing the project version change, this fixed a bug with statistics rollover. detkin
fix fixed bug #829623 - No warning when user assigns new task an existing task name. lbutgereit
fix fixed bug #829619 - No confirmation when removing user from the system detkin
fix fixed bug #829616 - User removed from system still remains in project members detkin
fix fixed bug #943635 - Preset filters wrong detkin
fix fixed bug #829627 - Forum added with NO subject field specified detkin
fix fixed bug #829610 - No validation of expected hours in task detkin
fix fixed bug #829636 - field length/type validation needs to happen detkin
fix fixed bug #1034592 - Tomcat Installation part 2 detkin
fix fixed bug #1034590 - Tomcat Installation detkin
fix fixed bug #943641 - Exception when description longer than +- 4 lines detkin

Release 0.9.1 - 2004-01-01

add added a cache to EjbInvoker to cache local home interfaces detkin
add added a cache to the ImageSerlet to cache MRU binary content detkin

Release 0.9 - 2003-12-04

fix fixed bug #829609 - exception when editing Project Attribute Data detkin
fix fixed bug #829630 - Remove site administrator user action link not working detkin
fix fixed bug #829617 - project type should be manditory detkin
fix fixed bug #829616 - User removed from system still remains in project members detkin
add system now performs logging from the CoefficientAspectLogger, logging includes: Authentication registration/confirmation, Login success/failure, Hibernate Exceptions, Unhandled Exceptions, DB Schema Export/Alterations, Save/Update/Delete Audit trail, Interceptor Timing. detkin
add changed the nature of modules. Modules are now POJO's and have SessionBeans generated that delegate to the objects. In concert with this coefficient can now be deployed as a webapp under tomcat. This change should also facilitate unit testing. detkin
add changed the coefficientContext to be an interface, this was done to facilitate the creation of dummy contexts for unit testing detkin

Release 0.8.1 - 2003-10-24

add new Issue Tracker module. This is a project module that allows users to create issues (bug, new features, task, improvement, patch) and associate it with a project. This has been created to mimic the basic functionallity of JIRA. detkin
add support now exists for help pages indexed by module and operation detkin
add homepage link support for a project. detkin
add version support for projects (supports versionId, version name, and version description). detkin
add components support for projects (supports componentId, component name, and component description). detkin
add a system error check to see if a project module is invoked with a project, if not system displays an error (this adds an additional method to the module interfaces). detkin
add BaseNavProjectModule abstract class has been added for modules that are both project and site modules to extend (this is needed so we can perform a default check for a project). detkin
fix fixed the CoefficientUser object so that it creates a table named coefficientuser instead of project_engine_user. detkin
fix refactored method on ProjectMember to change getProjectEngineUser to getCoefficientUser (plus some comment changes so we finally are free of ProjectEngine). detkin

Release 0.8 - 2003-09-26

add Initial release. detkin