Interface Summary
CoefficientEventHandler Class: CoefficientEventHandler Description: CoefficientEvent Handler interface
CoefficientEventPublisher Class: CoefficientEventPublisher Description: An interface for classes that publish CoefficientEvents.

Class Summary
CoefficientEvent Class: CoefficientEvent Description: Base class Coefficient System Event objects
CoefficientEvents Class: CoefficientEvents Description: Utility class to publish events and register handlers
EJBEventInvoker Class: EJBEventInvoker Description: Register handlers and publish CoefficientEvents the the events queue in EJB deployments
EventDispatcher Class: EventDispatcher Description: The EventDispatcher dispatches coefficient system events to the appropriate handlers.
EventHandlerRegistry Class: EventHandlerRegistry Description: EventHandlerRegistry maintains a registry of event handlers.
RSSItemCreatedEvent Class: Coefficient event to handle the creation of RSS items.
RSSItemCreatedEvent.AffectedObject Class: AffectedObject Description: Represents an object affected by or related to an RSS item Expected data: - type = classname - id = object id
WebappEventInvoker Class: WebappEventInvoker Description: Register handlers and publish CoefficientEvents to the events queue in webapp deployments

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